Patient Testimonials

“Kristin helped me feel like a new person by tweaking a few things. I have so much more energy! I feel fantastic! Thank you so much for listening, caring and trying to improve quality of life!” -Elizabeth Gill

“I have never seen a physician for hormone issues like Kristen. She is thorough and listens. Thank you so much for your help” -Charlotte Ramirez

“Kristen is amazing! She truly cares about her patients and I am very thankful for all of her help. HIGHLY recommend her!” -Karen Gifford

“Incredible staff with impeccable bedside manner!” -Carmen Jones Crawley

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Kristen Spratt for 7+ years now and have been seeing her for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. She is a doctor who is truly concerned about not only my overall health…but me as a person…more than a doctor..but a trusted friend! She will strive to understand your needs and work to provide the best possible care!” –Lori Taylor

“I went to see Kristen about two years ago after looking for someone to help me with my medical problem. I walked out on my own primary care physician of 15 years because he didn’t or wouldn’t listen to me.
Kristen listened to me and reassured me that it would take awhile to recuperate from Adrenal Fatigue but thanks to her expertise with this condition I am now feeling better than I have in years. I still have some fatigue issues but am greatly improved and follow her protocol diligently. Thanks again Kristen!”
-Dawn Lohrman

“Wonderful care! Kristen Spratt explains everything so you can understand. She is very patient and intelligent!” –RW

“I see Kristen Spratt, NP for BHRT. She is awesome! She is very thorough & replies to & answers every email/ question sent via portal fusion. I’m still at beginning stages of hormone balancing, but Kristen has been extremely patient & treats me as an individual patient….not a statistic.” –Joy Wilson

“Kristen is great to work with and is very knowledgeable. She genuinely cares for her clients.”
–Jean Wassenaar

“Kristin is so knowledgeable in the area of biodentical hormones. It’s so great to meet with a healthcare provider that takes time to listen , evaluate and implement a plan of action!” –Jill Jaynes

“My hormone and adrenal levels were atrocious and Kristen got me balanced quickly. Love her approach to medicine!!!” –Erik Osborne

“I recently went to Premier Wellness and met Dr. Spratt. Worth every penny!!! She has made me feel like a new woman!! I recommend her to all my friends.” -Health Watch

“Kristen Spratt is an expert in the field of aging! Premier Wellness offers amazing advice and solutions to struggles that everyone at some point can identify with: hormonal imbalances, exhaustion & stress, facial wrinkles and skin issues. She was invaluable in creating a supplement and hormone regime that helped rebalance my system to combat Adrenal Fatigue (and the stress, exhaustion and skin flareups that were directly caused by this condition) and restored my energy and and health!” –DE

“I am very thankful for my relationship with Kristen Spratt. She is helped me in many ways with straightening out my hormones and explaining to me how to take care. She is an excellent resource and has always been there for me. She has guided me in the correct direction. I am so grateful she has been in my life for as many years as she has. I am no longer a bundle of mixed up hormones, I sleep better, think better and am very grateful to her for all she has done for me” –Maralin Siegel Nicastro

“So thankful that my friend referred me to Kristen Spratt. I was on thyroid medications for years and always felt sleepy and tired. Kristen took the time to listen and do a thorough workup for me. I never feel like I need the naps on a daily basis anymore. I drive a long way to see her and its worth it!” –Julie Whitesell Anderson

“I’m about 3 months into my BHRT and am so glad I’ve invested in my health this way. My energy is so much better now. I had no idea how off my hormones were. Balanced you feel so much better. Kristen is very accessible and informative. So glad I’ve found her.” –Katherine Froehlich Sykes

“Kristen Spratt is a beautiful, intelligent, well informed professional. She imparts her knowledge in a straight forward yet kind manner, offering options as well as recommendations for your total well being. I am very pleased she is part of my total health care management.” –Vickie Basri

“The help Kristen has given me over the years has been wonderful. My only negative comment would be that correspondence with the office can be a little difficult. Thank you again for helping to get my hormones regulated.” –Nancy Michalak